WATSON Gym Equipment Set, Rubber Plates with Rubber Coated Solid Steel Rods Home Gym Combo, Gym Set Kit 12 kg (3 kg x 4), 14 inches Steel Dumbbell Rod Set Exercise & Fitness Workout for Men and Women

3,699.00 2,599.00

  • 12 kg (3 kg x 4) Pure Rubber Plate which is highly durable and long lasting a perfect muscular building home gym combo kit for men and women.
  • 🦾 PVC Coated with Inner Steel Locks with Solid Steel Dumbbell Rod: Anti Slip & comfortable 14 inches dumbles rod set weight capacity 45-50 kg each rod comes with gym set.
  • 🦾 5 feet straight rod (25 mm) comes with free size lock, barbell rod (23 mm-25 mm) comes with two locks. A Lock is Spring Type which is far better than any circular Lock.
  • 🦾 Easy to use and store which is durable and best for home workout.
  • 🦾 IN BOX CONTENT: 12 kg Rubber Plates +14 “Iron dumbbell rod set+ 5 feet curl Barbell rod+ Two locks.







WATSON Home gym combo set

12 kg (3kg x 4) rubber weight plates best for home workout fitness set.

Weight capacity is 14 inches dumbbell rod set made of solid iron comes with pvc with inner steel nuts weight capacity is 45-50 kg.

Gym Set include gym plates with dumbal rods.

5 feet straight rod comes with lock ,lock will be clip type which is far better than any circular lock rope: The gym set is appropriate for men and women, for adults and kids, and for almost any workout.

Benefits: Best aerobic exercises for burning a lots of Calorie, proving body flexibility, slimming down, it will developing strength and good for heart.

Specially designed for both men and women for all skill level.

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